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The First Fantasy Turn-Based Tactics Game On The Wax Blockchain.

Turn Based Combat Alpha Is Now Live!

V1.20 Update brings with it the turn based combat alpha. There is still plenty to do but this shows the progress we have made and the direction we are heading in! When accessing the turn based combat, it wont cost soldier/equipment charges, similarly you wont receive rewards.

What is Wrath Of Tezca?

Wrath of Tezca is an aztec inspired fantasy NFT game on the wax blockchain. Equip your soldiers and send them off on instant missions to earn resources, allowing you to craft more NFT’s to bolster your army or sell for real profits.

We Now Are Verified!

We’ve just joined the AtomicHub verification club! This brings us one step closer to being the most trusted game developer on WAX.

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95% Of Lands Sold!

The majority of the remaining 5% of lands have been added to our crafting pool, good luck pulling one!



Stage 1 – 2021 Q4

Instant Missions will be playable at playwrathoftezca.com

Send soldiers into instant combat missions, rewarded with Tezcoin and other treasure.

Stage 2 – 2022 Q1

Crafting releases, use your gathered treasure to craft new soldiers & equipment.

Land Sale! Owners can upgrade lands whilst receiving rewards when fought on.

Stage 3 – 2022 Q3

Introduction of account wide upgrades, purchased with Tezcoin.

3D Turn-Based Combat – Open Alpha

Stage 4 – 2023 Q1

3D Turn-Based Combat – Open Beta

Control your soldiers in fully fledged combat scenarios whilst earning even greater rewards.


Sam Hill – Founder, Lead Gameplay Programmer, Lead Designer

Jeremy GT –
Gameplay Programmer, Web Developer,
Community Manager

John S –
3D Game Artist

Tom L –
2D/3D Game Artist

Tom G –
Game Design, Tokenomics

Cyrill B –
Lead Smart Contract Programmer, Designer

Julien –
Smart Contract Programmer

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